Module 2 - Section 7 - Working the Backlog

The basis of the Perfect Fitness Framework is simple: Do more of what works and less of what doesn't. We find what works and what doesn't by practicing various Skills, Habits, and Behaviors and regularly checking-in and assessing our progress. If after a few weeks, things don't seem to be working, we adjust. If they do, we either move on or focusing on doing a little better.

That's how we'll work our backlog. We'll start with number one and focus on that for 1-3 weeks. You choose your duration though know that your results should dictate how long you stay with a particular SHB. Some will take longer than others. And know that by "results" we mean your ability to practice the SHB consistently. Consistency is the key to reaching your goals. Practice these SHBs enough, and you'll quickly become the healthy, happy, fit person you set out to be.

Working through the backlog won't be done horizontally unless that's the route you want to go. We recommend the following order:

The PFF BIG 15 List:

Food Journaling
Daily Movement
Proper Portioning
3x/Week Strength
Meal Planning and Preparing
2x/Week Conditioning
Stress Management
Consumption Pace
2x/Week Mobility/Flexibility/Active Recovery/Rest
Hunger Awareness
Maintenance, Specificity, and Optimization

Like we've mentioned before, this list is your list, and you can adjust it however you would like. If you already have a decent movement practice then maybe you'll want to focus more on food and lifestyle. If you feel like you eat pretty well, maybe focus more on lifestyle and fitness.

Don't skip over something because you THINK it's not necessarily or that you're already good at it.

Like I mentioned in the last section which is worth repeating, one thing we ask all of the time in our coaching is "can you show me?" We aren't trying to be difficult nor are we asking you to prove it. Well, at least not to us. Sometimes we think we're doing something consistently, but reality doesn't always align. Being able to show how you're doing something is as important for you honestly assess as it is for us to provide feedback.

The PN List

We use Precision Nutrition’s proven formula for almost all of our clients. I mean, if it worked to help 50+ thousand people lose and sustain over 1 million pounds of weight lost, I think it’s at least a worthy starting point. 

Take a 5-minute action (W) / Make Time for PN Coaching (M)
Eat slowly
Stop eating at “80% full”
Eat lean protein with each meal
Eat at least five servings of colorful fruit/vegetables
Make smart carb choices
Eat healthy fats
Plan PN-friendly meals
Record what you eat
Create & use a sleep ritual
Drink only calorie-free beverages
Use a targeted recovery strategy
Eat whole foods only
A little more, a little better
Protein & colorful plants at each meal
Practice 80% full
Do a 5-minute mind-body scan
Take a fitness information vacation
20 minutes of de-stressing
Create and practice your fitness mission
Choose your own adventure
Prepare for your final photo shoot
Celebrate your progress
Spread the love, pay it forward

You’ll quickly notice there are a lot of similarities among all three lists, yours included. The reason: the fundamentals don’t change. The things you need to do to develop a healthy, happy, fit body are somewhat universal. How we get you there is what varies. 

What’s important about each of the lists is that we want you to follow them as closely as you possibly can. That is, actually do them. The whole purpose of the backlog is to provide guidance about what to do next. Now you know what to do and what to do next so go do it. Don’t jump after the next shiny advertisement. That’s just noise. It’s a distraction. Bring your focus back to your list, at least until you get through your list.

What you do from there is up to you. But my guess is that you won’t feel any desire to jump after those false promises that come packed in 6 easy payments of $19.95.